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The Guitarhive workshops culminate into the HIVE LIVE performances. You don't have to be a student of the Guitarhive to be involved either. In fact you don't even have to play may be a drummer or a singer for example.

These workshops consist of generally between 4 and 5 musicians and are held on Saturdays at the Guitarhive. The initial workshops are for getting to know each other and also deciding which songs to play. There are usually 4 workshops per day so with up to 12 bands, the workshops are every 3 weeks.

If a band has no drummer or singer, the Guitarhive will supply these musicians for the band. Each band gets one live rehearsal with the full line-up before the actual show date. Original music is encouraged but not a pre-requisite.

Once the songs are decided, then it's a matter of working out the guitar and song arrangements. Then it's the finer details, like amp settings, foot pedals, backing vocals etc. All aspects of playing in a band are covered. Everything from behaviour to practice to creativity. These are all explored and refined.

To play in a successful band, a great number of attributes are needed. These are all learned at the Guitarhive workshops.

Looking forward to having you on board.


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