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Hive Live 6 Shows Off New Guitar Skills

On the afternoon of Sunday, November 7, 2011 (12noon - 4pm) the Annandale Hotel will be filled with great live music from over 50 inner west participants. The event is called Hive Live, and it is a musical showcase for the guitar students of Guitarhive in Concord, by teacher Ben Little.

This is the sixth Hive Live in as many years. Hive Live 6 showcases the talents of nine different bands and covers a variety of music genres and styles. Boys, girls, men, and women of all ages take part in Hive Live. Most of the students play the guitar, and this year a Ukelele band has formed.

The bands are put together by Ben. The bands select and rehearse three songs, and after four weeks of coaching from Ben, they hit the rehearsal studio to meet with a professional bass player , drummer and singers to fine tune the songs. At the actual event, Ben provides roadies, guitar technicians, and a professional run list to give the students a real taste of live performances.

Hive Live is a great event to attend for anyone who appreciates live music, anyone learning an instrument, children who want to be inspired by seeing other children up on a stage, and music teachers who are looking for great ways to inspire and engage their students. It will be an afternoon to relax, listen, and enjoy the music.

Tickets to the event are $20 and raffles on the day will raise money for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets charity. (An electric guitar is up for grabs!) Call the Guitarhive on 02 9706 7660 for more information.


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