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Rocks Rhythmboat - 15 November, 2008

Hive Live 5 Poster

Hey Everyone! Thinking about Hive Live in June last year, I initially wanted to make the next one bigger than Hive Live 4 but then I came to the conclusion that it was more about giving students different experiences, so the idea of holding the show on a boat seemed like a good one. It's not just any boat. It's Rocks Rhythmboat. This boat has been holding rock and comedy cruises for years, having played on it myself many times, I thought it would be ideal for the next Hive Live.

Rhythmboat Cruises
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As it turns out, the day was a big success all round. We sold out of tickets and not only did the day run very smooth, but I think everyone had a great time. It was also the first opportunity for me to have a bit of a play as well and my band, Little Big Horn, played a few songs and featured a great guitar playing friend of mine, Luke Dixon.

Congratulations to Matthew Bilic who won the Garrison Acoustic guitar, which was the first prize in the raffle donated by Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets. Half of the raffle money was donated to this organization, thank you!

Certificate of Appreciation

A big thank you also goes to Stan Mobbs from Guitar Factory, Parramatta, who once again donated a number of prizes.


To view the list of bands and their members, take a look at the Event List to see the songs performed on the day.

All in all it was a great day and a perfect way to "show off" the talent of all these musicians.

Later on this year Hive Live 6 will possibly be on the Rhythmboat again or maybe even a Wine Bar, a Bowling Club. Please keep your suggestions coming. I am looking forward to Hive Live 6!

Stay tuned! :)



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