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Club Five Dock - 03 June, 2007

Hey Folks!

Well, another successful Hive Live was had by one and all. Hive Live 4 in fact, considering there were up to 50 musicians and 13 different bands, I reckon that it ran pretty smooth. Once again, everyone stepped up to the plate and performed well beyond expectations.

It was great to observe at least half a dozen "first timers" who took absolutely everything in their stride. We had a fine selection of singers, who I'm sure inspired a lot of students to perhaps have a go themselves next time.

There were too many highlights to mention here, I'm sure you have your own?

Congratulations to Ella & Carolyn for an absolutely wonderful logo design which you can view here. I'm looking forward to all the entries for Hive Live 5, the bar has certainly been raised!

Congratulations also to Annabelle Butz, who was the lucky winner of the main raffle draw, an Epiphone Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar and Amp package. I hope to see her performing with it at Hive Live 5.

Of course I would like to thank Stan & the Boys at Guitar Factory, Parramatta for the generous main raffle prize. Rocco at Music 101, Anthony at Sydney Guitar Setups, Steve & Chris at Jacksons Rare Guitars, Karl at The Bass Player,Wendy Lloyd Curley & Sue Stanbridge from Hotsource, Jo Baxter for her fantastic photography, (which you can view at this very website), Lloyd James for his logo tweaking, of course Club Five Dock for allowing us to present the show in such an appropriate venue.

Many thanks to all who participated and to all who came along to enjoy the fruits of our labour. It seems like each and every Hive Live gets bigger and better. I am already working towards Hive Live 5 and am predicting that it will be the best one yet.

<>The Hive Live photos on this website can be purchased in High Resolution format from myself at the Guitarhive. Check out the Photos which you will find in the [Hive Live 4 Photo Gallery] and stop by the [Hive Live 4 Video Gallery] to see the band's that performed at this year's event.

I am also always open to anything relating to Hive Live so if you've got some suggestions or ideas for Hive Live 5 let me know your input is always welcome.

Keep the rock rollin'!!



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